Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

This fall, streetlights throughout Bradford West Gwillimbury will be retrofitted with high quality LED fixtures, reducing the Town’s energy needs and maintenance costs.


LED bulbs use less energy, last longer and give off less heat. Most of the 2,600 existing streetlights in BWG use high-pressure sodium or mercury vapour bulbs, which are reaching the end of their life. The Town receives numerous calls about malfunctioning streetlights every year.

The Town will not have to invest any money to make the change to LED. A grant from Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator, along with an agreement with Honeywell – the company selected to design and perform the work – will cover the initial costs and will ensure the Town’s annual payments throughout the 11-year contract with Honeywell are less than the amount of money saved in energy costs. The County of Simcoe entered into an agreement with Honeywell to provide energy services to member municipalities, and BWG is now the fifth municipality in the County to take advantage of Honeywell’s expertise and savings guarantee.

Phase 1 of the project will see the majority of streetlights in BWG changed over in October through December of this year. The streetlights in Bradford’s downtown core will be retrofitted in 2016, following consultation with the Downtown Revitalization Committee to ensure that the fixtures chosen will complement the look and feel of the historic area.

An open house will be held in a few weeks to allow the public and the media to preview the new lights. More information will be posted on, and on Twitter @TownofBWG.

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