Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

A memorial tree program that focuses on reforestation efforts on the Lake Simcoe Watershed has been announced by the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation, in partnership with the McClelland & Slessor Funeral Home in Barrie and the Innisfil Funeral Home in Stroud.

The funeral homes are operated by Simon Slessor and Stuart Clark.

“The LSCF is very excited about our new partnership with the McClelland & Slessor and Innisfil Funeral Homes,” says Cheryl Taylor, executive director of the LSCF. “This partnership demonstrates Mr. Slessor's and Mr. Clark’s environmental commitment to our community, ensures the continued growth and enhancement of one of our most precious resources and will honour the lives of friends and family.”

For each family they have served, Slessor and Clark will make a donation to the LSCF in support of restoration projects being carried out by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.

In addition, a McClelland & Slessor Memorial Grove is being established at the Luck Conservation Area in Innisfil. Each year, one large tree will be planted in honour of the families the funeral homes have served. Families will also have the opportunity to purchase their own individual memorial tree to be planted in the grove.

"We have participated in a tree planting program for several years, but we have had reservations because the plantings were not local,” says Clark, funeral director at McClelland & Slessor. “When Ms. Taylor approached us with this wonderful community-focused option, it was an easy decision for us. The families we serve have local roots and so should the trees that we plant. We look forward to a long and positive partnership with the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation.”

Later this year, there will be a dedication service at the McClelland & Slessor Memorial Grove. The service will be open to all who wish to attend. For more information please contact McClelland & Slessor Funeral Home in Barrie at 705-722-6656 or the Innisfil Funeral Home at 705-431-1717.

For more information on the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation, call 905-895-1281 or visit

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