Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

From Nov. 12 to Nov. 30, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry plans to acquire aerial photography along the shorelines of Lake Simcoe and southeastern Georgian Bay.

The Regional Resource Information and Analysis Unit of MNRF’s Southern Region has recently awarded a contract to Taiga Air Services Ltd., for the acquisition of imagery of the shorelines of Lake Simcoe and southeastern Georgian Bay.


The low-level flights will be carried out by a helicopter during daylight hours and will acquire the imagery from Nov. 12 – 30, 2014, weather dependant.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has recently collaborated with numerous stakeholders on various plans, studies, and initiatives (such as the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan and the Southern Georgian Bay Coastal Initiative) with the objective of minimizing the effect of ongoing development to these shoreline environments.

These initiatives have also been designed to identify priority candidate areas for protection, restoration and stewardship. The imagery collected will be used by project stakeholders only (i.e., MNRF, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Environment Canada, local municipalities, local Conservation Authorities, and Severn Sound Environmental Association) for the purposes of updating mapping to support shoreline and fisheries management.
Accurate and current shoreline mapping plays a pivotal role in advancing shoreline conservation and in furthering the Ministry’s shoreline management objectives. The acquisition of imagery at this time will complement existing photo coverage and improve the interpretation of shoreline features and will allow users to better see beneath the shoreline vegetation canopy cover.
Taiga proposes to fly relatively low and close to shore (approximately 100 metres above ground and 160 metres from shore). Aware that the sight of low flying aircraft might raise questions by local residents, we are contacting media asking them to let the public know.  We are also contacting various stakeholders, conservation authorities and local police forces to inform them.
The information gathered through this special project will help support the health of Lake Simcoe, as well as the Southern Georgian Bay Coastline.

Article and illustration courtesy of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources



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