Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

After two decades of badly managed growth in York-Simcoe, New Democratic Party candidate Laura Bowman vowed to create “true prosperity” as she kicked off her election campaign last night.

Blasting both the Liberals and the Conservatives for skyrocketing taxes, a shortage of jobs and proper healthcare,and a failure to properly protect Lake Simcoe and farmlands, Bowman called the NDP’s  vision of “taking care of each other” the best future for York-Simcoe.

“This is the social justice vision of [the NDP], … I believe that protecting our food and water, creating good jobs and making life more affordable are the highest priorities,” Bowman said.  “In this election we have a real chance to make positive change, and take back control of our communities before it is too late.”

Highlights of Bowman's campaign include:

  • Health Care:  Bowman wants to see funding restored to the  Assisted Care Living 24/7 care program,  to improve long-term health care;
  • Jobs and Economy:  A job creation tax credit and   lower taxes for small businesses were two ways Bowman vowed to improve the economy.   She also put her support behind better public transportation as a way to attract new business to York-Simcoe.
  • Education: Citing that a good education system attracts skilled workers and new jobs,  Bowman wants more special-needs classroom assistants,  and more high school services for the rural parts of York-Simcoe.
  • Environment:  “A good economy comes from good environmental policy”, Bowman said,  pointing out the huge number of agricultural and Lake Simcoe tourism jobs in the riding.   Bowman vowed to fight for better environmental protection of the lake and of York-Simcoe wetlands, stopping dirty fill dumping from Toronto,  and speeding up cleanup of the Thane Smelter Site.

The kickoff was highlighted by speeches from Carl Cosack of Food And Water First, and Debbie Gordon, who has fought for years to stop millions of tons of dirty fill from Toronto being dumped on fertile soil in rural areas of Ontario.

Bowman has worked for both causes during her time as a lawyer.

Both Cosack and Gordon spoke of Bowman’s dedication and drive to save agricultural jobs by preserving agricultural land.

Bowman will debate the other York-Simcoe candidates on May 20th at the Georgina Ice Palace in Keswick at 7:30 PM.

“It’s time to create true prosperity in York-Simcoe,” Bowman declared to the crowd.  “It’s time to build an economy for that benefits everyone, and make life more affordable.  It’s time to properly manage the natural resources we’re so fortunate to have.”

Courtesy of:
Laura Bowman campaign team
NDP York-Simcoe
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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