Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

Reducing phosphorus levels in the lake is a critical component to restoring the health of the lake - too much phosphorus leads to excessive plant growth and decreased oxygen, negatively impacting the cold-water fish community.

Protecting Lake Simcoe is part of the new Ontario government's plan to protect and restore the Great Lakes, its watersheds and tributaries, helping create strong local economies and a healthy environment.

Quick Facts

  • Lake Simcoe, the largest inland lake in southern Ontario outside of the Great Lakes, is an important source of revenue for the local economy. Agriculture in the Lake Simcoe watershed generates over $300 million annually.
  • Lake Simcoe is the ice-fishing capital of Canada. Anglers enjoy more than one million hours on the ice each winter.
  • The Lake Simcoe Community Stewardship Program engaged more than 380 landowners and 60 groups and organizations, partnerships which has had significant impact on the overall health of the lake, including the naturalization or repair of 1,435 metres of shoreline and planting over 17,500 trees or shrubs.
  • The 2009 Lake Simcoe Protection Plan is the most comprehensive watershed-based legislated plan in Canada, designed to cut phosphorus pollution and improve water quality and fish habitat.
  • Quotes

    Jim Bradley

    "We are seeing encouraging signs in Lake Simcoe that the efforts being made by the public, scientists, municipalities and our partners are beginning to pay off. I am particularly heartened to see more native fish being caught as we ramp down on phosphorus pollution."

    Jim Bradley

    Minister of the Environment

    David Orazietti

    "Local businesses and communities depend on the well-being of Lake Simcoe. It is encouraging to see that the science is telling us progress is being made and that the number of naturally reproducing coldwater fish in the lake is on the rise."

    David Orazietti

    Minister of Natural Resources


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