Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

Ecojustice is calling on all Lake Simcoe people to help protect the lake.


The Lake Simcoe Protection Plan puts hard, legally-enforceable caps on cumulative nutrient pollution from wastewater, making it unique.

If the plan’s enforceable protections are eroded, Ecojustice warns, it could pave the way for Ontario to further weaken the protection of other vital watersheds, like the Great Lakes Basin.

We can’t let the Ford government weaken protections for Lake Simcoe and set a bad precedent for the protection of other lakes and watersheds across the province. 

Make sure Minister Yurek knows that you’re paying attention and care about what happens to the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan. Let him know that you’re counting on him to protect Ontario’s watersheds for the wildlife and people who rely on them.

To have your say, go to:

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