Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

Anglers now are permitted to catch native cisco, or lake herring, on Lake Simcoe. There is a limit of two herring with a sport fishing licence tag, and a limit of one with a conservation fishing licence tag.

The open season for herring on Lake Simcoe will last until March 15 and will resume again on the second Saturday of May until Sept. 30.

As Wil Wegman reported in his Hooked on Fishing column in the Nov-Dec issue of Lake Simcoe Living Magazine, the cisco or herring fishery on the lake was closed in 2001 after the species went into decline.

Improved conditions have meant a rebound in the population, however, permitting a limited catch.

To read more about cisco in Lake Simcoe, go to

To watch a CTV news report on the reopening of the cisco fishery go to:

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