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Lice Squad Canada is a company founded to help families deal with treating head lice.  Our approach is unique in that our mission is to end the stigma associated with head lice and to stop the overuse and abuse of pesticides on children and our planet.  Every year, millions of dollars worth of pesticide are sold to treat children for lice. These pesticides may be absorbed into the blood stream, and what is left on the head is washed down the drain after use. This residual eventually makes its way into our water — one of the most vital parts of sustaining a good quality of  life. 
In trying to provide a natural remedy and a kinder method for removing lice, the use of enzymes has become a part of Lice Squad’s offerings.  They are used in a variety of lice products, cleaning products and insect solutions. The Sierra Club of Canada website explains the many benefits and uses of enzymes in our modern day society and promotes them as alternatives to pesticides and other chemicals. 
Along with providing on-site head lice removal service and pesticide free head lice products, Lice Squad Canada also carries a line of enzyme cleaners called Kleen Green. Sold as a multi-purpose cleaner, Kleen Green is a unique organic blend of enzymes specifically designed to assist in removing and eliminating dirt, germs and odors naturally. They have shown to break down the exoskeleton of certain insects causing them to molt and shed their outer layer. Bed bugs and mites in particular react quite quickly when exposed to the enzyme.
Enzymes are superior for both general cleaning and laundry. Pre-formed enzymes have been used widely in restaurant and institutional settings for the past 10 years, due to their low toxicity and superior cleaning properties.  Using enzymes means that you do not have to evacuate your home, and they are classified by the FDA as GRASS — generally regarded as safe. They are also ideal and safe for gardens, plants, ponds and around children and pets. The use of enzymes put an end to the risky and unnecessary exposure to poisonous chemicals.
Enzymes also wash off completely in water, without leaving streaks or bead stains. Once rinsed, the product leaves a non-magnetic, non-static finish inhibiting accumulation of dust or grime.

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