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If you want your views on over-water boathouses to be heard by the OMB, attend and register Jan. 21.


Open letter from Innisfil resident Lindsay Histrop:

Dear Cottage Neighbours, Further to my earlier email, the Rivkin Boathouse zoning bylaw amendment appeal has its first hearing at the OMB Monday, Jan. 21, at 10:30 am at the Innisfil Town Hall 2101 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil.

If you wish your views to be heard, you must attend this hearing and register as a Participant. Otherwise you will not be permitted to speak at the hearing nor submit any evidence of your views.

If you cannot attend, you may send a representative with a letter confirming your request to be registered as a Participant.

You will be asked for your name, address and email address, so please provide this in your letter. It can be by email to the representative who will supply your name to the tribunal the day of the hearing.

At the hearing January 7, 2019, which addressed Andrew Rivkin’s appeal of the Official Plan Amendment 23 (Our Shore), his lawyer agreed to narrow his appeal to deal only with the new boathouse bylaws. As you may recall, the Town passed new legislation regarding shoreline management in April 2017 but Andrew Rivkin’s appeal prevented the new laws coming into force. That legislation is now in force except for Mr Rivkin’s appeal of the boathouse bylaws (and the appeal of a second resident).

The new boathouse bylaw appeal has been adjourned until Mr Rivkin’s zoning by-law amendment appeal is heard. If he loses the zoning bylaw appeal, he will proceed to try again, challenging the new boathouse bylaws in an effort to have them changed to allow his boathouse to be built as planned.

Those attending January 7th were very alarmed to learn that there is a second larger proposed over water boathouse to be built in Innisfil that is even bigger than Mr. Rivkin’s. This second application is for a boathouse of 60 feet long, all over the water. The appellant is a numbered company so it is not clear where this boathouse is to be built. The request was turned down by committee of adjustment so the appellant has now also challenged the new boathouse bylaws.

It appears that the desire to build boathouses over the water is a growing trend.

Three Council members attended the hearing January 7, as did many members of the Innisfil District Association Board. 7 residents registered as Participants in the new boathouse bylaw appeal.

I understand that the new Council remains opposed to both Mr. Rivkin’s boathouse appeals, as well as the numbered company’s proposal to build such large over water boathouses.

That this hearing is proceeding in winter is no doubt not a coincidence as it clearly discourages seasonal residents from attending. If you are able to attend, I would urge you to do so. It is important to show Council (and the OMB tribunal) that this is a serious public Lake concern.

Note that the actual hearing on the merits and all the evidence will be scheduled at a date in the future, but registration at the hearing Monday is imperative if you are to be eligible to voice your views.

Kindest personal regards,

Lindsay Ann Histrop


January 21, 2019 at 10:30 am: Appeal of Over Water Boathouse Zoning By Law Amendment Application (OMB/LPAT Case # PL180564)

Town Hall Council Chambers

2101 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil, L9S 1A1

Photo by Tony Bellissimo

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