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Many trees were lost in the May 4 wind storm, but Little Jimmy was special. Here is his obituary.

Little Jimmy Vernon Locke Lambe Wallace, on Friday, 4 May, 2018, in the midst of the greatest sustained wind storm ever witnessed on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe—gusts of 90 - 110 km per hour from 4 - 9 p.m.  

Little Jimmy leaves to mourn his loss his devastated caretakers Laurie and John Wallace and his extended Lambe/Wallace family. 

Beloved elderly maple, cherished King of Wyndfields's forest at Big Bay Point, 14 feet in circumference, 125 feet tall, was blown over towards the south-east with a tremendous crash at 4:45 p.m.  

Laurie was in the meadow watching and listening to the blow, and heard Little Jimmy breathe his last, but dared not venture into the woods to hold him in her arms because she was frightened a tree might fall on her. 

The lives of a huge elderly walnut, two ancient ashes, an enormous white pine whose root ball rose 13 feet into the air, and numerous spruces and pines were also lost in the Wyndfields forest.

Laurie and John especially wished to introduce their grandchildren Lucia and Ben to Little Jimmy, but they will have to imagine how marvellous he was by examining his trunk, which remains approximately 10 feet above the ground. 

Little Jimmy was about 300 years old, but his birth date will be confirmed when Laurie and John are able to count his rings.

Fortunately, the family has many darling photos of Little Jimmy that will bear witness to his superior DNA.  The deceased leaves a son, Edwin, about 20 feet to the north, who appears healthy and happy at about 150 years old, plus many hundreds of children scattered about his feet on the forest floor. 

Pre-deceased by his twin sister on the property next door in 2004, alas! euthanized because the neighbours were frightened that she would fall on their heads. 

The forest is forever changed without him, and anyone who has read The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben will know that Little Jimmy’s devoted tree and animal friends will miss him as much as his human friends. 

Rest in peace remarkable Little Jimmy, and may the leaves that fall from your friends warmly cover you. The trilliums that you nurture will forever mark your resting place.

Article and photos courtesy of Laurie Wallace

2018 05 04 whitepine2


2018 05 04 twinashes





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