Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

From above, Lake Simcoe in winter can look cold and desolate, with few signs of life.

Under the ice, however, the lake is teeming with life, as seen in this underwater video captured by Kevin Biskaborn.

He writes: "Beneath a frozen world, large schools of fish explore with a freedom that only the winter season offers. While predation from other fish species remains a threat, their icy ceiling protects them from numerous diving animals, including birds and mammals, that will have to wait until the ice thaws for another fish meal."

To see the video, follow this link:

Be sure to have your sound on!

In addition to being a videographer and photographer, Biskaborn, who is based in Barrie, is also a web developer, web programmer, graphic designed, social media content producer, and technical writer and editor. He can be reached at:

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