Connecting Lake Simcoe's Community

(South  Simcoe, ON) – The South Simcoe Police Marine Unit and Innisfil Fire &  Rescue would like to remind residents and visitors to our communities of the  importance  of  staying  safe as a result of the milder weather we are
experiencing.   Through awareness, enforcement and public education, police
are  warning  citizens  to  be  diligent  and  be  aware  of  changing  ice conditions.
As a result of the unseasonably warm winter, unsafe conditions exist on parts of Lake Simcoe, including Kempenfelt Bay and surrounding rivers and streams.  Police & Fire are warning the public that lakes and streams are NOT SAFE.
Remember no ice or body of water is ever completely safe. Any individual enjoying recreational activities near a body of water must make a personal decision to do so, realizing that there is a degree of risk associated with this choice. It is crucial that citizens take individual responsibility in evaluating the dangers of any recreational activity. If you make smart, educated choices on safety, accidents can be prevented.
Following these safety tips can help keep you safe:
   Wear proper floatation attire
   Don’t fish or snowmobile alone
   Tell someone about your plans and specifically where you are going.
   Know the condition of the ice before you go out and take into
   consideration the recent changes the weather may have had on the ice
   Be suspicious of gray, dark or porous spots in the ice as these may be
   soft areas. Ice is generally strongest where it is hard and blue
   Carry a cellular phone with you to call for help in the event of an
   Never leave a child unattended near any body of water. Children are
   curious and can quickly wander off.
South Simcoe Police and Innisfil Fire & Rescue remind the public there are inherent risks when doing activities in an uncontrolled and unpredictable natural setting. If you make smart, educated choices on safety, accidents can be prevented.

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