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EXCITING UPDATE! The design by Beaverton sculptor Ron Baird and NAK Design Strategies for a new spire for Notre-Dame Cathedral is on the short list of five finalists.

You can see the designs of the five finalists and read more about the design competition at

On April 15th, 2019 the world watched with horror and disbelief as the iconic spire of Notre-Dame de Paris became engulfed in flames and collapsed.  As a renowned cultural, historical and religious symbol, the obliteration of the cathedral’s roof and spire was a devastating loss for the city of Paris and the French nation.

The International Community fully acknowledges that Viollet-le-Duc’s 19th-century spire be replaced and NAK Design Strategies eagerly embraces the challenge to prove that they are as capable of excellence as their predecessors.2019 06 28 NotreDameCathedralSpireDesignCompetition3

NAK says their design proposal is guided by deep respect for this cathedral’s Gothic architecture, which boasts innovative structural features dating back to the 12th century.

"The intent is to create a magnificent, timeless edifice, not dated by current trends in architecture and design. Respecting the pioneering structural advances attributed to this landmark cathedral, the polished stainless steel, majestic in its strength and resilience, is notably weather resistant and fire-proof.

2019 06 28 NotreDameCathedralSpireDesignCompetition2"This shining silver spire, reverential and elegant against the Parisian sky, contains a secret -- un grand mystère.  Contained within are brilliant, colourful, programmable lights, which can dance and strobe at night on special occasions to the delight of spectators.  To respect the tradition of the former timber spire, we propose to cap the spire with the original girouette or a replica which will also contain powerful apotropaics to protect the church from dark forces as it did for the first 150 years."

NAK says the critical advantage of their design is that it is modular and can be easily fabricated and brought to the site for assembly and erection.  It can also be manufactured quickly from available materials and offers demonstrable structural integrity and longevity. With considerable experience working together on distinguished civic projects, their team is expert in designing and building monumental works in stainless steel.

Article and photos courtesy of Ron Baird

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