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Lake Simcoe area provincial election candidates say what they are willing to do to protect Lake Simcoe.

Lake Simcoe Watch asked the provincial election candidates in the 11 Lake Simcoe watershed ridings what they are willing to do to protect Lake Simcoe.

Their responses are now posted on the Lake Simcoe Watch web site:

The Liberal, NDP and Green Party candidates believe that the Government of Ontario should develop and implement a plan to reduce Lake Simcoe’s phosphorus loadings to 44 tonnes per year by 2026 to protect our cold water fishery (e.g., lake trout and whitefish) and reduce weeds and algae blooms.

This goal is also supported by Jill Dunlop (PC candidate for Simcoe North).

Caroline Mulroney (PC candidate for York-Simcoe) was less specific, stating “I commit to being an advocate for the Lake and I will work with all local partners to ensure that we are doing everything we can to protect its health.”

The Liberal, NDP and Green Party candidates also believe that the province should work with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority to develop and implement a plan to ensure that, by 2026, at least 40% of Lake Simcoe’s watershed consists of high quality connected forests, wetlands and meadows.

Most of the PC candidates, including Christine Elliott and Laurie Scott, have not responded to the Lake Simcoe Watch questionnaire.

To see your candidates’ full responses to the questions, visit:

Lake Simcoe Watch is a joint initiative of AWARE Simcoe, the Innisfil District Association, the Lake Simcoe Association, the North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance, the South Lake Simcoe Naturalists, the STORM Coalition and the West Oro Ratepayers’ Association. Lake Simcoe Watch is dedicated to informing watershed residents about where our leaders stand on important environmental protection and planning measures.

Article courtesy of Jack Gibbons, Lake Simcoe Watch

Jack can be contacted at 416-260-2080 ext. 2
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