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David Hawke is a naturalist who is well known for his outdoor writing and photography. David has worked for several agencies and organizations around Lake Simcoe. In his weekly blog, he shares his observations and insights related to our local natural environment.

Magical beauty across Lake Simcoe Watershed

2018 12 28 magicBy David Hawke -- According to TV advertisements, this is the season of magic.

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Eruption of rabbits in the Lake Simcoe area this year

2018 12 10 Milkweed

By David Hawke -- Every eight or 10 years, the woodlots and backyards of our region erupt in rabbits. Rabbits on the lawn, rabbits in the garden, rabbits crossing the road, dead rabbits laid at your feet by the family cat, and well, just rabbits everywhere. This is a natural cycle with the realm of nature, and peaks within a fairly regular period.

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How to help wildlife survive winter at Lake Simcoe

2018 12 04 Georgeandfeeder 2


By David Hawke -- Bird feeders are fun and educational, as anyone who has one knows.

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Tracks in the snow are like a Lake Simcoe "Daily Journal"

2018 12 09 porcupine

By David Hawke -- It's nice to have time to read the “Daily Journal,” but just make sure you're dressed for the occasion.

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Evening grosbeaks return to Lake Simcoe area

2018 12 02 evening grosbeak resized

By David Hawke -- They're back! Well, in some places anyway. Evening grosbeaks are rather commanding in appearance and when they hit your feeding station, you notice them.

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Showing off conservation in the Lake Couch/Lake Simcoe area

2018 11 24 legacy

By David Hawke - Legacy is a word we hear a lot lately, especially as it relates to the passing of a legendary person, or great event (e.g. WWI 100th anniversary).

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Tamaracks take golden turn in Lake Simcoe area

2018 11 18 TamaracksBy David Hawke - The annual autumn colour party was short-lived this year.

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The grass grows greener

2018 11 11 lawnBy David Hawke - Just about exactly 468 years ago (that would be circa 1540 A. D. for those of you who are bad at math) a new word was recorded.

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'Along the line of smoky hills...'

2018 11 04 leaf.blower

By David Hawke -- There are certain, unmistakable, signs of seasonal change.

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Successful warriors or invasive species?

2018 10 28 YellowIrisBy David Hawke -- Halloween can be scary, but even scarier invasive plants are already amongst us!

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Busy as a beaver

2018 10 21 beaver

By David J. Hawke -- Autumn is not so much a time to pause and reflect on summer, as it is a time to prepare for winter.

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Autumn is for artists

            2018 10 13 mapleleaves

By David Hawke -- Autumn is for artists.

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Autumn brings stirring winds

2018 10 06 thunderheadBy David Hawke - Physics is the science that deals with the relationships between matter and energy.

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Fabulous fall fungi

 2018 10 01 fungi

By David Hawke -- Early October is mushroom season! Now is the time to look for fabulous fall fungi popping up in woodlots all across the region.

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Hummingbirds begin astounding migration

2018 09 22 hummingbird small

By David Hawke - There is a fascination with migration that shows up every autumn.

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The curious life of a walking stick

2018 09 17 Walking Stick 499

By David Hawke -- Any hiker who has covered more than a couple of kilometres will attest to the usefulness of a walking stick. However, 'walking sticks' can be more than an ornately carved tree branch -- they can also be very interesting insects.

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Unmistakable, noisy blue jays

2018 09 08 bluejay

By David Hawke - Although most of September is still officially summer, a lot of autumnal events start to roll out early in the month.

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Open your eyes and ears to Nature

2018 09 01 June.Mack.Williams.Forest

By David Hawke -- It's amazing how easy it is to let your natural skills go to waste.

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Good reading for anyone who eats food

2018 08 26 straw     By David Hawke - By now I would think most of us have seen those car window stickers that proclaim "Farmers Feed Cities." Believe it. It's a simple truth.

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Murder of a crow?


2018 08 19 smallcrowBy David Hawke - Finding dead birds while on a country walk is somewhat unusual, although it does happen from time to time.

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